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Paragraph spacing that shows up!

Generally, I don't mess with formatting while translating text, but while I'm reviewing the translation, I cannot help but notice occasional–and sometimes not-so-occasional–formatting that cries out for a paragraph to have some space added either before or after.

The VBA code to do this is actually pretty straightforward. Here's the code for the macro IncreaseAfterBy3 (deducing what the code might be for a macro named IncreaseBeforeBy3 is left as an exercise for the reader):

Sub IncreaseAfterBy3()
' Increase the space after the current paragraph by 3 points
    With Selection.ParagraphFormat
        .SpaceAfter = .SpaceAfter + 3
        .SpaceBeforeAuto = False
        .SpaceAfterAuto = False
    End With
End Sub

I do not know whether setting both .SpaceBeforeAuto and .SpaceAfterAuto to false is absolutely required for this macro to work correctly, but as they do no harm in any event, I've left them in.

I've use this macro quite often, and in one section of this one document I was reviewing/editing, I noticed that it didn't seem to work at all. Puzzled, I brought up the Paragraph dialog box and noticed immediately that (a) the box labeled Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style was checked, and that (b) the specified spacing after the paragraph in question was now rather large, as I had executed the macro multiple times.


It occurred to me that since I wanted to increase the spacing after the paragraph, the solution was to have the macro uncheck the Don't add space… box, and the most direct method I could imagine of doing this was to fire up Word's Record Macro capability and step through the process, during which I would check the box, and then copy the line(s) that did what I wanted into the macro.

Surprisingly, the resulting VBA code didn't provide any clues as to what those lines might be, so I recorded a second macro that basically did the same thing, except this time, I unchecked the box. I figured if any lines changed in the generated code, that those were the lines I needed.

As it turned out the code for both operations was identical.

Back to the drawing board!

After a few minutes with Google, I determined that property I was interested in was associated with a Style and not a Paragraph, as in the line:

ActiveDocument.Styles("Normal").NoSpaceBetweenParagraphsOfSameStyle = False

The main hangup with this one-liner is that it applies to the Style called Normal; using this approach would change the parameter for all paragraphs in the document whose style was Normal. What I wanted was a way of changing this property just for the paragraph in which the cursor was located. After a bit more digging, it turned out the following code does the trick:

    With Dialogs(wdDialogFormatParagraph)
        .NoSpaceBetweenParagraphsOfSameStyle = 1 
    End With

Inserting these lines just before the End Sub line in the IncreaseAfterBy3 macro code gains the desired behavior. Now, whenever I want to open up just a bit of space beneath a paragraph, that space will appear.



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London and Paris fashion weeks are months away but that hasn't stopped a catwalk of a different kind hitting both capitals, with clothing exclusively made on 3D printers.

Hats, headpieces, dresses, shoes and even accompanying bling are being paraded at the 3D Printshow, which began last weekend in London and resumes in Paris on Friday.

The printers work by building tiny layers of materials such as plastic or metal, and in some cases even yarn, on top of each other.

German designer Pia Hinze is part of this new generation of designers and used 3D printing for her graduate collection inspired by the baroque era.

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Fearless Forms makes jewellery and accessories using 3D printers how do you like these glasses? (Picture: supplied)

Natasha Fagg is an Australian designer for Alexander McQueen in London. Her Arthropoda collection was influenced by the appearance of insects under a microscope.

'3D printing allows me to digitally form design to the body,' she says. 'My graduate collection was a chance to explore the facility of this technology without the constraint of commercial viability.'

While it's possible to create a full outfit through 3D printing, Fagg says it may differ slightly to 'what we conventionally consider <a href=>swiss watches brands</a> clothing to consist of'.

She adds: 'The technology is advancing at such a rapid pace, I'm sure it won't be long until we see the production of cloth.

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Others pioneering the <a href=>cartier love watch</a> process include Iris Van Herpen, Steven Ascensao, and Francis Bitonti, who created a dress for burlesque performer Dita Von Teese.

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